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The afternoon finishes with a challenging wheelbarrow race up Blissford Hill. There are separate men's and women's races and competitors run up the incredibly steep hill pushing a wheelbarrow laden with either Molly or Polly, the Frogham Fair mascots.

Winners of both races receive a bottle of champage, a medal and a trophy as well as a place in our 'Champions' Hall of Fame'!

The 2016 Men's Champion is Brandon Mulliner with a time of 32.6 seconds.  The record is 31 seconds.

The 2016 Lady's Champion is Chessie Collins with a time of 58.41 seconds.  The record is 38.5 seconds.

Well done to both of them and everybody else who took part in the race.  The full list of runners is -


Brandon Mulliner              32.60  -  Winner of the Jim Loader Trophy
Ben                                33.91
Miles                              35.64
Karl Kaiser                      38.66
Matt Whincup                  38.68
Tom Hignett                     39.41
Daryl                               40.03
James                             41.62
Giles                               43.30
Tim                                 43.62
Tom F                             43.98
Nick Herd                        54.27
Jeff                                 60.04
David                              60.11


Chessie Collins              58.41  -  Winner of the Sue Herd Trophy
Shona                           60.02
Pippa                            61.21
Shelley                         61.43
Emily                            78.20

To enter the race just add you name to the list at the public address caravan throughout the afternoon.  Anybody over the age of 16 is very welcome to take part.